$17.00  PER PERSON

     Please plan to come out and enjoy having a steak dinner with your family and friends. For the above price, you will get a one pound choice steak, baked potato, butter & sour cream, a choice of vegetable, salad with choice of dressings, bread & butter, & choice of beverages.  There are three large grills for cooking your steaks, so there should be no waiting to cook your steaks. You can eat your dinner outside under the shelter, or you may eat inside the lodge.

       If you are interested in attending the steak fry, please call Larry at 815-562-4589 no later than 5:00 PM on the Friday before the steak fry to make your reservations. THE STEAK FRY'S  START AT 6:00 PM.   Please note:  Each adult attendee must purchase a dinner.

                                                                                STEAK FRY SCHEDULE

                                                                            MAY 9, 2020+++++6:00 PM     CANCELLED

                                                                        JUNE 13, 2020+++++6:00 PM     CANCELLED

                                                                         JULY 11, 2020+++++6:00 PM      CANCELLED     


                                                                     AUGUST 8, 2020+++++6:00 PM      CANCELLED


                                                            SEPTEMBER 12, 2020+++++6:00 PM      CANCELLED


                                                                 OCTOBER 10, 2020+++++6:00 PM       CANCELLED


THE OFFICER'S & BOARD OF DIRECTOR'S & LARRY LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN THIS YEAR FOR THE                                                                                                   STEAK FRY'S. 

Created By The Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club With WIX

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